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Welcome to Queer Universe! I am Anthony Giorgio and I am going to tell you a little bit about me.  I grew up in Worcesta, MA in a great house, with great humans and even brought my boyfriend to my prom in 2000! I came out at 16, my first boy kiss was magical and I started to realize all my friends were also pretty GAY. 

Our journeys are personal. Each of us approach this great big beautiful place we call Earth, in whichever way that it speaks to us. It takes our whole life to keep discovering what exactly that is. There are no rules to anything. 

I am married to an amazing beautiful creature, I have wonderful friends, two adorable fur babies and I love to approach life with grace, integrity, honesty and drive! We choose each other and that is probably the best way for all of us to co-exist as these Queer, powerful and fabulous beings. 


Just keep loving who you truly are, see all around you and embrace anything in life that comes your way.


Explore Queer Universe and see what YOU have to offer to this great big tiny planet we call Earth. Enjoy! 

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